Dramatic maybe, but, as crazy and ludicrous as it sounds, IT’S TRUE!

Hello, my name is Carolina Marrelli.

I know how it feels to be the busy working woman/mother/wife whose health FINALLY gives up on her after repeated warnings.

And the main warning is almost always… LOW ENERGY.

Millions of women trudge through every day trying to overcome their poor energy levels in order to be there for others.

As women, it’s in our nature to nurture and be there for others, especially our loved ones.

But….who will be there for them, (and us), if our health finally breaks???

We can’t keep IGNORING how our body feels in an effort to help out the world.

Sadly, that’s what I was doing for a very long time.


After giving birth to my last son I became very ill. I contracted a bacterial infection during his birth and as a result I succumbed to sepsis. I was hospitalized for 5 days and afterwards, at home, with a nurse on IV antibiotics for another 5 days. Subsequently I then contracted C. difficile, which is antibiotic induced colitis.

It was like my body was going through a boxing match with itself!
I was getting hit with INFECTION after INFECTION.

Did you read that right? The antibiotics used to save my life actually caused MORE infections in my body! And it took over 2 years to completely recover.

Crazy, right?

While I do give credit to Western medicine for saving my life after getting sick post-childbirth, it almost KILLED ME TOO!

In addition, the effects of all that Western medicine caused me to develop severe anxiety and extremely low energy levels.

My energy levels were very high before but after treatment it felt like I was falling down a BOTTOMLESS PIT.

Hell, it felt like a full marathon to even walk to the mailbox!

One day, I decided enough was enough. I was SICK & TIRED of being SICK & TIRED!

I needed a resolution like yesterday to put to bed all the health issues that I was going through.

So that’s when I decided to try out alternative medicine … and the rest, as they say, is history.

Not only did I get healthy, but my energy levels returned to a level that I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager!

That was about 24 years ago.

Since then, I have helped COUNTLESS WOMEN reboot their energy levels and reclaim their life. 


I have become

An Holistic Health Coach

A Plant-Based Medicine Specialist

An Author

A Keynote Speaker

An Essential Oils Instructor

My life is dedicated to helping “her”, (and for “her “also read “you”), get it together and start taking care of herself FIRST & FOREMOST so she can be there for others.

And that all starts with getting your energy levels together!

And no…..You can’t buy a lifetime supply of Red Bull and think, “Problem solved!”

You have to make certain lifestyle changes to elevate your energy levels and keep them there.

However, you don’t need to go “health cuckoo” and start drinking disgusting shakes & working out non-stop!

I figured out a way to have excellent energy levels WHILE living a normal, happy life.

In fact, I figured out how to get your energy levels flying high in LESS THAN A MONTH.

This led me to creating…..

The 21-Day Energy Reboot.

This program covers all the areas of one’s life that, if taken care of properly, will reap the harvest of having more energy.

Basically, it is an easy-to-follow, “here’s how you get high sustainable energy without turning into a health nut” type of program.

And it only takes 21 days to do so!

The 21-Day Energy Reboot is the ULTIMATE guide for busy women who are ready to make an immediate change to their lifestyle AND their energy levels!




Easy, Applicable Methods to Instantly Boost Energy in 21 Days

Better Health While Still Being Able to Indulge in Favorite Foods

Dramatically Improve Quality of Sleep

Foods That Optimally Fuel Your Body

Quick Meal Prepping Tactics That Avoid Slaving in the Kitchen

Powerful Mind Tricks That Motivate You to Keep Improving

Learn the “crowding Out” Method to Overcome Sugar Addiction

Energy-boosting Exercises That Don’t Require Going to the Gym


“I’ve been working with Carolina for a year now. When we first sat down to talk, I was very fatigued and my life was going on auto-pilot. She really helped me to manage the fatigue, and just how overcrowded my schedule was. She’s helped me so much to really prioritize my life, and let go of things that weren’t helping me. One of the most amazing things about Carolina is that she really knows how to listen to you. When you sit down to talk with her, you really, really know that she is listening and paying attention to you. I would really recommend her as a Health Coach.”

Dr. Maribel Lopez

“I would definitely recommend Carolina to anyone who is looking for change and unsure of what to change! As a busy OB/GYN (and mother of two kids) my life has many demands. I was struggling with the usual life stressors and didn’t know what exactly I needed to change, I just knew I had to change something so I could feel better. Carolina helped me balance my busy schedule focusing more on my health. In turn, I started having more energy, less fatigue, less annoyed with my kids and felt happier.”

Dr. Salazar Valdes

“Carolina’s content extends beyond informative, to actionable. It makes you realize that you can approach something big like total wellness, through incremental steps, in a way that isn’t so daunting. I Love her mix of humor, insight and tangible value. Can’t wait for more!”

Brook B.(CEO)

“This program is SO accessible. Carolina breaks it all down into doable changes. I love the action steps. While moving toward healthier habits seems so implicit, I struggle to break it down and make it happen. With the tracking pages I am able to make it happen. The pages, which I printed out, allow me to track my progress, be accountable to myself and feel proud about the changes I am making. Pages don’t lie!

I love the way she tells it like it is. Busy women understand busy women and their challenges. She has zeroed in on those top struggles. The sections about sleep and self-care especially spoke to me. Be a ‘vintage’ woman, I was raised with the examples of women who did anything but take care of themselves, wore the badge of ‘worn out’ with pride and had to deal with the fallout in their later years. I don’t want to be that. This reminds me that it is holy to take care of yourself. I can be a better wife, energized mother and grandmother, and live life with joy and enthusiasm. Self-care is not selfish.

The saying goes; “when the student is ready, the teache rappears”. Each page reminded me what I know for sure but needed to be reminded of again. We all need our hair pulled once in a while. It challenged me to begin anew and take those simple steps toward a better place physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource. It is a blessing to so many.“

P. Lawson (Business)

“I would like everyone to know the amazing experience I have had working with Carolina. She listens with patience and love, always gives me the best advice and helps me to feel more confident. She cares for her clients like anyone else. She is emphatic, has the natural gift of helping others and together with her knowledge and professionalism she transforms lives.My life has changed and for this I can’t thank Carolina enough.”

Lina M.(Designer)

“Carolina’s program is super easy to follow and very doable. She gives you strategies that are sustainable for the long run and not just for the short term.And I laughed out loud the entire way through it. Who else can say that about the last ‘health’ book they read?”

Meredeth K. (Magazine Editor)

“I have had horrible digestive problems the last 45 years. In fact, I can’t remember a time when this wasn’t an issue for me. Carolina’s program gave me easy strategies that – being as busy as I am – I could implement right away and not feel over burdened by yet ANOTHER thing on my to-do list. They all make total sense and yes, they worked! Her writing style kept me laughing the entire time too, which made it even easier to take in – and remember – the information she presented. I can’t wait for more of her programs to come out! She is a total master!”

A. Torrez ( Real Estate Developer)

“Carolina’s program is a great read for anyone that doesn’t have time for another ‘thing’ in their life. It’s simple and to the point. I like that it includes portions for you to plan how to implement each step too and it really feels more like a conversation than a typical book.”

Lisa R. (Personal Trainer)
The science has spoken….

Poor Energy Levels = Poor Health! AND High Energy Levels = Phenomenal Health!  

“Low Energy Linked to Poor Lifestyle Choices”

A study of 22,500 individuals found that nearly 31% of participants experienced chronic fatigue. However, many were obese, using painkillers, physically inactive, or eating lower quantities of healthy food thus exhibiting a causal link between lifestyle factors and current health status.
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
Leven, M.V., Zielhuis G.A., Van Der Meer J.W., Verbeek A.L., & Bleijenberg G. (2010). Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome-like complaints in the general population. European Journal of Public Health,20(3), 251-257.

“Low Energy Linked to Poor General Health”

Individuals reporting higher levels of fatigue had more chronic conditions (musculoskeletal and cardiovascular), worse cognition, greater depressive symptoms, worse functional status, and worse physical performance.
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Hardy, S.E., & Studenski, S.A. (2010). Qualities of Fatigue and Associated Chronic Conditions Among Older Adults. Journal of Pain Symptom Management, 39(6), 1033-1042.

“Low Energy Linked to a Higher Chance of Mortality”

In older adults reporting fatigue, there appears to be a 59% increase in mortality rates versus a 38% incidence in those not reporting fatigue. When accounting for cofounders, there seems to be a greater risk of death in those who report symptoms of fatigue and tiredness.
University of Pittsburg
Hardy, S.E., & Studenski. S.A. (2008). Fatigue predicts mortality in older adults. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 56(10), 1910-1914.

“High Energy Linked to Excellent Health”

Breakfast options high in protein and low on the glycemic index are correlated with heightened energy levels and stabilized blood glucose which may lead to healthy levels of metabolic and liver function.
University of Worchester
Kamada, I., Truman, L. Bold, J., Mortimore, D. (2011). The impact of breakfast in metabolic and digestive health. Gastroenterology and Hepatology from Bed to Bench, 4(2), 76-85.


  • Feeling TOTALLY lost about how to boost energy levels (especially to keep up with their kids, and grandkids!)
  • Clearing the exhaustion-induced brain fog and lethargy
  • Digestive and gut issues
  • Acne and red, bumpy skin rashes
  • Moodiness, anxiety or depression
  • Knowing how to fuel their bodies properly with food
  • Finding time to cook healthy meals
  • Getting enough sleep on a nightly basis
  • Sugar addiction, especially with sodas and juices
  • Their mindset and belief that they can succeed in getting more energy & better health
  • Exercising or going to the gym on a consistent basis
  • Accountability or doing what it takes to get healthier and reboot their energy on their own


Here’s the good news, you don’t need to struggle with these issues anymore…

In fact, in just 21 days, you can achieve your dream of attaining better health & SKY-HIGH energy levels. 

Now, you may be thinking how that is even possible, well, here’s how…


“The 21-day Reboot Energy” Program
That’s Designed to Revive Your Energy Levels, Boost Your Zest
Your Life, & Make You a Healthier Lady!

The 21-Day Reboot Energy

Time to hit the RESET BUTTON on your energy levels! The ebook is an easy-to-follow, “so simple a caveman can do it” guide on how to reboot your energy in only 21 days. It presents action steps, goals, and tracking charts for each chapter.

21 Days of Delicious, Energy-Boosting Gluten-Free Recipes

This is a collection of my 21 favorite gluten-free recipes that will satisfy your taste buds for the next 21 days! Whether you are just dabbling or looking to completely clear gluten out of your daily diet, this easy-to-follow recipe book is sure to get you off on the right foot and coming back for more.

Clean 15 List

Save yourself some headaches (and money) with this list of 15 foods that are safe to purchase conventionally. You’ll be surprised at what you can get!

Dirty Dozen List

Arm yourself with information by getting this handy list of 12 of the worst conventional fruits and vegetables to eat. Your body will thank you for NOT eating them

Seasonal Solution List

I always encourage my clients to eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season. The food is FRESHER and TASTIER because it has been harvested at the right time instead of taken from the vine prematurely and sprayed with chemicals to make the food look ripe. This handy list will help you plan and prepare your meals according to the season!

Gluten-Free Tasty Energy Snacks

Think snacking on gluten-free foods will be a boring, tasteless experience? Think again! This list is just the tip of the iceberg of all the yummy things that you can snack on when midday hunger strikes.

Gluten-Free Resources

With all of the information out there, it’s easy to feel OVERWHELMED with where to begin. This list of blogs, books and educational websites is a great starting point for anyone looking to learn more about gluten and the gluten-free lifestyle.

“The 21-day Reboot Energy” Program
That’s Designed to Revive Your Energy Levels, Boost Your Zest
Your Life, & Make You a Healthier Lady!

  • An easy-to-read ebook that offers easy-to-implement strategies (and has a lot of humor in it to keep the reader engaged. It’s totally conversational!)
  • Each chapter implements effective strategies that force the reader to face their PAIN POINTS to improve their energy long term
  • Each chapter highlights powerful methods showing the reader how to stay COMMITTED towards getting more energy
  • Tracking templates built in each chapter so the customer can track their success


In 21 days, I guarantee that you’ll start gaining energy levels that you haven’t felt since you were a teenager!

This program has worked for me and many others so I am confident that it will work for you as well!

I understand that you’ve been trying to improve your energy levels for a while now. And you probably have tried other programs but they didn’t produce much in the way of results.

Well, I’m confident that my program will FINALLY get you over the hump and provide you a sustainable energy boost!

But if you don’t gain significant energy in 21 days, you’ll have 30 days in total to contact my team and your money will be sent right back to you ASAP. And we are still cool if you decide to do so!


Join Today to Reboot Your Energy, Feel a 100% Better,
& Live a Happy Healthy Life – Results Guaranteed

Over $200 Worth of Value…


But, if You Take Action Today,
You Will Get the Entire Program for One Small, One-time Payment of

About Me


I am passionate about helping busy women who are, “Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.”


Because I know what it is like to be a busy working woman whose life was forced to come to a complete and total STOP due to a health crisis.

Hello, I am Carolina Marrelli.

4 years ago, after giving birth to my second son, I was supposed to go on tour with my band.

Instead, I found myself back in the hospital, quarantined from my newborn and septic with a Group B Strep infection.

After 10 days on an IV line that was pumping me full of antibiotics, I was hit with a C. difficile infection.

My doctor looked at me and said, “You are lucky to be alive. Both of these infections could have killed you.”

It took me over a year and a half to fully recover. For months, my goal was to get up off the couch and walk to my mailbox and back.

I suffered from severe anxiety, fatigue and very low energy as a result of the C. difficile infection.

I never told anyone – not even my doctors or my family knew how much I was suffering.

On the outside, I held it all together. But on the inside, I was falling apart.

My body was failing me and I thought I was going crazy!

I had some health issues that “woke up” in my body as a result of the trauma my body went through.

In order to heal my body, I turned to alternative medicine. Sure…Western medicine saved me BUT it also almost killed me.

I HAD to learn ways of taking care of myself NATURALLY because getting sick again and taking antibiotics could cause a C. difficile relapse.

It was during this time that I read, researched and learned everything I could and decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life helping other women get and STAY healthy.

So I quit the band and became:

•    An Holistic Health Coach
•    A Plant-Based Medicine Specialist
•    An Author
•    A Keynote Speaker
•    An Essential Oils Instructor

In addition, I have been on podcasts interviews discussing how busy women can reboot their energy and reclaim their well-being.

So, as you can see, I am not just some white woman with a Mohawk. (LOL)

I am a woman who has been in dire circumstances with her own health, yet found a NATURAL way out of it.

Now, I want to teach you how to overcome your own health hardships while gaining sky-high energy levels in the process!


* Carolina Marrelli


Absolutely! My program was created for women no matter if they are a beginner, intermediate or advance.

Yes ma’am! My techniques have been used by all types of women and they tend to see immediate positive changes to their energy levels.

Yes, it has the ability to do so. The training and nutritional guides my plan provides are capable of helping you shed some body fat.

Yes, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee. I’m confident that you won’t need it though.

Absolutely! Improving your energy levels does wonders for your self-confidence and self-esteem. I know it has for me and so many others!

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